By undertaking driving lessons with a PassMasterMal instructor you agree to these terms and conditions.


All of our instructors are fully qualified and will display an official badge at all times to prove they are on the register of approved driving driving instructors which is reviewed every 4 years with a CRB check.


Your instructor will expect you to undertake their instructions at all times.


Before your diving lesson can commence you must:

  • Be in possession of a valid full or provisional driving licence, including BOTH parts. Your instructor will ask to see these.
  • Be wearing sensible clothes and footwear for driving
  • NOT under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or on any medication that may effect your driving ability. 

    If the instructor feels you are not capable of driving you will still be charged the FULL fee for the lesson and asked to return home.


All the instructors on the PassMasterMal team are self employed and deal with all monies personally. You will pay the instructor you have chosen unless arrangements have been made otherwise.


Once you’ve paid this instructor your prepaid lessons will only be valid with that instructor.


If you choose to prepay for a bulk lesson voucher but decide to ask for a refund for remaining lessons, you will then be charged full rate for the hours you have previously had meaning you lose the booking discount


Bulk booking vouchers are to be used within three months unless agreed otherwise


By booking a lesson with an instructor you are agreeing to pay for the lesson – any cancellations less than 24 hours before the lesson time will be charged for and by agreeing to these conditions you agree to pay that if the situation arises


Driving tests are only to be booked up when your instructor advises you too


Any self-booked tests outside the instructors advisement been booked and your instructor did not agree to the timing of the test, we can refuse to take you to the test in the training vehicle


These terms and conditions are available on the website and by booking a lesson with an instructor you automatically agree to things